Signature font continually reverting to Candara?

Why does eM Client constantly ignore my font change and force me to use Candara? I haven’t set that font anywhere. The default font for messages is Ubuntu. I create a signature/email opener with Ubuntu as the set font and as soon as I start a new message, the signature font has become … Candara!

It’s both bizarre and infuriating. Even blocking a whole passage of text and changing the font to Ubuntu does not work. When you type amongst the Ubuntu font lines … it types in Candara?

What have I done wrong? :rofl:

P.S. I only spent 35 years in IT, wrote commercial websites and magazine articles; so I guess I know diddly squat about computers.

Could be eM Client doesn’t understand or Interpret Ubuntu font, so substitutes Candara fon’t.

If you use “any other font in your signature” as a test, does any other fonts also change to Candara ?

Hi Cyberzork!

Thanks for the advice. I was just going to try it out … but the problem seems to have gone away! :astonished:

I’ve checked New messages and Forwards and Replies, and they all seem to ‘hold’ the Ubuntu font now and not keep reverting to Candara.

Not sure what has happened, but I’m not grumbling as the problem appears to be cured.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Take care.