Signature Cannot be edited (version 9.2.1735 (3d90379))


Windows 11 emClient Version 9.2.1735 (3d90379) problem…

I am trying to modify/edit an existing signature without success.

I go to Menu>Settings>Mail>Templates and Signatures>Select Signature for the Account

Then, I press the ‘Signatures’ button and I do not get another window opening up. in fact all I get is a ‘beep’ whenever I hit something else in the Templates and Signatures pane.

The only thing that gets me out of the Signatures and Templates pane is to press the ‘Esc’ key which deletes the pane and puts me back to square one again. Not even ‘Save and Close’ works’

Does anyone have any clues?

I think it may be a problem with the latest update because I have edited signatures, without any issues, on previous versions, having been an emClient user for eons.

BTW editing a Template works fine.


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No, that’s not it. The window has opened but is off screen. Hitting Esc will close it again.

Exit eM Client and change your desktop resolution to a lower setting. Start eM Client and edit the signatures. You should see the window this time.

Close it and exit eM Client.

Return your desktop resolution to what it was and restart eM Client.

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Thanks Gary - that works. I switched it from my 1920x1080 (Recommended) resolution to 1280x1024

Interesting that I had to change the resolution becuase I often use an additional screen on my laptop as an extension and it wasn’t showing on the extension screen. Also going through the open panes using Alt-Tab didn’t show the window either.

Another oddity of the IT world, I guess

Thanks again

Yeah, it’s not actually a window, so you won’t see it in the taskbar like other windows say for example the Settings window from eM Client, or by using Alt + Tab.

Cheers and thanks for such a speedy response - much appreciated