Signature and logo

Can someone help me, with my signature, because eM do not remember the logo when I send an email to somebody what I doing wrong?

Greetzzz Fred

By “doesn’t remember a logo” do you mean an embedded images?
Is it when you compose or on the recipient side reading the mail that the images isn’t showing up?

As far as I know if you do embed an images it show as a attachments files on the other end; well for most email client.
The best is to host that logo on a webserver, get the direct link to it and put the html code to that images so it will show if the recipient allow the html images to be downloaded which is far more convenient to avoid the spam filter.

Outlook does a good job with embedding but EmClient just can’t make it happed and instead send your signature logo as an attachments which increase the risk of your mail ending in the spam box.
If you are job hunting or dealing with new people who doesn’t have you email address on their whitelist avoid embedded images.

Thanks ShaunY for your quick answer, and yes I understand what you mean but can you show me an howto our something like that how I can put html code in my signature?


You can manually write your whole HTML signature there if you like.
As an other easy way to add an image from a direct link you can Click on insert in the menu and add an images from web and you paste the link there.

Thanks ShaunY it works and agian thanks for your help.

Greeetzz Fred