Siging up for a new account

Trying to create a new accout. I go thru it and when it says that it may ask for a password, it the goes to a Window Microsoft login page and then says the email address I gave is not a real email address. I can use it to sign in to my cable provider (WOW(WIde Open West)) on the Web. I had two accounts with WOW and created one with no problem.

If you can login ok with this email address via your mail box on the web, but not working via the automatic email wizard (as most email accounts do), then could be you might need to manually add that mail account in eM Client.

Try going to “Menu / Accounts” and click “Add Account / Mail / Other” and manually add it. You will need to get your mail server account details eg: POP, IMAP, Exchange etc settings from your website.

Alt as your other mail account (you already setup in eM Client) is with the same mailbox providor, when you are in eM Client accounts, click on the mail account (that is working) and check the settings along the top of the account via the various tabs for the incoming and outgoing mail server details etc to then add your other account manually.

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Everything you said WORKED. Painlestly.


I’ve got a different problem signing up.
I’ve attempted to install eM Client. I get as far as a screen with a tiny little window saying just “Password required f…” and possibly “This operation may”.
I cannot enlarge the screen or the window.
The only option offered here is cancel.
How do I get past this?