"$SieveFailed" appears in all inbox subjects

Starting a few weeks ago “$Sieve Failed” began appearing at the beginning of each of my incoming email subject lines in my inbox? Can anyone tell me why? What does it mean? How can I stop it? It’s extremely annoying as it takes up space. It disappears when I move the mail to a folder, but reappears if I move the mail back to the inbox.

Google search indicates it might be connected to Dovecot (Dovecot is an open-source IMAP and POP3 server for Unix-like operating systems).

Sound familiar? Might be a good starting point for resolution.

Thanks sunriseal. But I use Fastmail as my email service, so my IMAP connection is imap.fastmail.com. Fastmail does apparently run a “sieve script” (?) on incoming emails before they deliver them to my account, they say. However, these “$SieveFailed” notations only appear email subject lines in my eM Client Inbox. They do not appear when I open my email at fastmail.com. So, while it’s all pretty much over my head, I’m thinking eM Client is responsible.

I found this list of “major email services” that eM Client claims it’s compatible with, and Fastmail is not listed:

Now I’m wondering if this is a compatibility issue–Is eM Client no longer trying to be compatible with non-“major” services. Have they introduced a new “sieve” that only works with the majors? Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of “$SieveFailed”?

Most likely it is a server tag, but it could be coming from another app that is connecting to the same account.

Although it is not from eM Client, we will investigate if there is some way to prevent this by a workaround in a future version of eM Client.

Thanks Gary. The problem did start around the same time the latest version of eM Client was installed, so, while I failed to make a note of the exact date of either event, I wonder if they’re related. It’s Version 9.1.2109 (9967b93). Anyway, while we’re waiting to see if there’s a workaround, what can I do about the other possibilities you mentioned. I don’t know what a “server tag” is, or who would want to do such a thing. Is there anything I can do about it?

And, your second idea, what kind of app might be connecting to the same account? And why, and how could I find out? And which “account” are you referring to—my eM Client IMAP connection with Fastmail?