Side by side calendar view

Can you please develop side by side calendar or overlay like in outlook, that is great as I manage family calendars and want to get a good overview of when we are all busy and doing things in one view

Hi Kaye, unfortunately it is not possible to display multiple calendars in a split view, but you can view multiple calendars at once by checking the calendar’s checkbox in the left pane.

You can also use ctrl or shift key while selecting the calendars to select just selected or all calendars to be displayed.

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Thanks for the reply but I already know how to display multiple calendars, but I still find in Outlook nicer when viewing multiple calendars in side by side mode.  Would you consider developing this.

Hi Kaye, unfortunately this is not on our current roadmap to future releases of eM Client. eM client is a standalone application and we don’t believe copying all features from other applications is the way to go.

Maybe in future releases of eM Client.

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Let me more clearly explain my application.

I have a NAS server where I maintain my calendar via my smart phone with caldav.  My Wife does the same on her phone.  We also maintain the calendars of our daughters there too.  No doubt they will also soon have smartphones of their own too.  SO Today I manage 4 separate calendars.

Using a Caldav client I envisage a touchscreen, say in the kitchen that we use as a family calendar to replace the paper one.

Here we can show each persons calendar side by side.  That way we can better visualise when things clash or  either I need to be somewhere or my wife to pick up or drop off the kids.

The only caldav client that can do this is Outlook once you have a caldav plugin.

This is way better than just colour coding different calendars, as each individual calendar has colour coding depending on the activties.

I don’t want to use outlook as I wnat independence from Microsoft and it’s expensive bloatware, but this is a key deal breaker on what group calendering client I plan to use.

This is not about copying all features from other applications, just think about the end user like me who has a specific use.

The use case I describe is becoming more common as we all have smart phones that we use as diaries and don’t want to spend the whole time syncing different devices on different systems but to use a cloud based server/client model but still manage multiple calendars and groups.

I appreciate your answer but feel that I must look elsewhere, because this is a feature that I have a need for everyday.  It is not just a “nice to have” but actually a game changer.

Hi again we believe showing multiple calendars in a single view will allow you to see when calendar events are scheduled for the same time or the same day even clearer than by using a side by side view, as our users are used to this view since the first releases of eM Client, we’re currently not planning to implement a side by side view.

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i hope for a side by side view since 5.0
I sold already alot of copies to my customers and all are missing this feature.

edit: you are NOT planning to implement, or you are planning, just curious … ^^

we’re currently planning to implement a side by side view.

is this true or a typo - pls say its true.

Hi Franky, sorry for getting your hopes up, that was a typo, I’m afraid that side by side calendar view is not on our roadmap to upcoming releases or updates.


Asking if there has been a change to this since it was originally posted?
I follow 4 calendars for my position. And check others regularly.
3 I have up at all times.
side by side allows me to switch between viewing 1 calendar or compare 2 at the same time by just switching my focus. With the overlay I need to change settings in the app. And to do that throughout the day it time consuming.

I would like the option to view side by side, at very least in single day mode. I do understand that some people may prefer the overlay. It all depends on your job.
I am asking for a sticky toggle button. So that you can choose which view

Selecting or de-selecting the calendars is as easy as ticking the box next to each one’s name. There is no need to change any settings.

while this is true Gary, its still not a side-by-side view like in outlook and humas are creatures of habit.
So if the used it outlook they are missing it in emClient and are complaining.

i think both views are great, and like Lynn said it all depens on your job or habits.

No, it is not side-by-side, but maybe that little thing can save Lynn a lot of time.

I was never a user of MS Outlook, except to test a few things, so I never got into that habit. The damage is already done by the Redmond team, and now the whole world pretty much thinks that is the only way to do it. :wink:

Well I have a potential customer for premium but they won’t go for it without side by side calendars.

I too want a side by side calendar feature.  I often use this feature in Outlook to compare calenders and sometimes I even copy paste, or drag and drop events from one to the other.  It’s hard to do this on a “merged” view only.  

The original post simply asked that eMclient consider adding this feature in the future.

Yes, that was the OP’s request, but in the 5 years it has been here, not a single person has voted for it. As far as I know eM Client Inc. monitors every idea proposed, and they have seen this one because they have replied to it, but only seriously consider proposals where some interest is shown from other users.

If you look at the difference between version 6 (it could even have been version 5 when this thread was started) and version 7, you will get some idea of where this application is heading. Though not a major difference, the interface has become more refined. So I doubt cluttering is what they are thinking of doing for the future.

But we never really know what they are planning. Maybe if there is overwhelming interest shown for this idea, they may even rethink their whole interface concept.