SIAP: Adding AIM Contacts

I’m new to eM and not sure how to add AIM contacts to the chat.  Most of the other articles related to this are old so looking for help.  Thanks!

Hi Greg,
you just need to right click inside the chat tab and choose to make a New contact and in the window that pops up just choose AIM as the IM service, which account you want to connect that contact to and then just add the Contact’s ID.
These kind of things don’t change much, so I’m sure some of the old articles could still be right.
Or are you having any problems adding your contacts?

Best regards,

Thanks Olivia -

When I put the AIM screen name in and add the contact - it shows up on the buddy list but will not connect the chat to anyone from AIM.  I get the message “cannot send” when trying to chat.  Not sure what the issue is…is there something other than the screen name I should be entering?