Shutdown windows without exiting client

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I shutdown/ restart win10 without closing emclient as it is always minimized to taskbar. When the laptop starts next time the database checks appears everytime. However, when windows is shutdown/ restart while outllook is being used, such a problem dosen’t appear. Em client is updated to latest. Kindly advise how to solve this problem.
Can’t I shutdown windows without closing em client? Can’t Em Client close itself automatically like outlook when shutdown/restart?

eM Client updated to latest means which version?

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latest version: 7.2.38732.

Can you turn off fast startup in Windows 10, then restart Windows with eM Client running.

Fast startup is already disabled. Have also excluded em client process and its all associated folder from win defender scan also. Still problem persists.

Does eM Client have a very large database stored on a mechanical hard disk?

size is 1.25 GB

So that is quite big, and if it is on a mechanical hard disk, it is going to take some time to shut down.

Years ago, when there were issues with normal shutdown, we got into the habit of closing eM Client a few minutes before Windows shutdown. The problems were later fixed, but if your hard disk is slow, it is going to be a problem.

Maybe you could move the database to an SSD and see if there is much improvement.

Hi, win10, Em client & its database is on an SSD already.

Maybe try upgrading to the version 8 beta that is available in the Release History.

Make a backup first, just in case, and be aware that beta versions are just for testing, so if this is your business computer, maybe don’t try the beta.

Then I shall try the new version and post my results a week later.

Hello, I am using the latest beta on Windows 10 (2004) and I have got the same problem. It happens even if I log off. The only way to avoid this issue is to close eM Client manually before logging off or shutting down the computer.

Unfortunately I also have the same problem, every time I restart the computer the database corrupts and it takes 20 minutes later to recover, while the computer is horrible. There is no point in 2020 if you say that we need to close the program before turning off the computer, who will remember that every day? This is a bug that the developer refuses to accept and resolve.