Shutdown Problem

eM Client fails to shut down cleanly when Windows shuts down. If I don’t specifically close eM Client when I exit Windows then it complains of a corrupt database at the next use.
Windows always sends a shutdown message to open apps when it is closing, is eM Client handling this correctly?

Is there any news on this please?

I believe that this issue was fixed in one of the Version 7 releases.  Certainly with the latest version, my Windows 10 now waits for eM Client to de-initialise before shutting down

Please try to download the version from and report us if there is still any shutdown problem.

Thanks Filip. My licences are for version 6 and if I install version 7 it won’t run as a trial but says the licence is invalid.

Oh, since it wasn’t written in the context of the original post I assumed it is related to version 7. We haven’t experienced any problems with version 6 in relation to shutdown and this is regularly tested scenario. It is possible that third-party applications may affect it, but it is difficult to diagnose.

It’s always been an isue with version 6 for me, I assumed the shutdown message wasn’t being processed properly.
Is there any way I can trial version 7 without it telling me my licence is invalid?