Showing history contacts when composing an email

I have a question regarding contacts. When I create a new email, and I select “To”, it brings up not only my contacts in my address book, but also email addresses of people I have responded to or received email from. 
Is there a way to just show ONLY contacts that are in my address book? I do see some are color coded, but it just takes awhile to search through all of the other email addresses in there. Let me know if there is a setting I can choose where it just shows my contacts only…couldn’t find it on my own.

Thanks all.

Hi Kenneth, eM Client by default automatically store used recipients, you can dismiss the unwanted ones using the red cross displayed next to them, if you want to clear the cache completely, you can do so in Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose, where you can also select not to use this feature in the future by unchecking the “Store composed mail recipients for suggestions”.

Hope this helps,