Showing Email Folder in Preview

It would be GREAT to show the folder name in which emails reside in the message list after the Preview. Often when I’m using the Global Unread, I move the message to a Folder, but it stays in Unread. So it would be great to see that the folder move “took”. Thanks.

For infrequent use, you can right-click in the message and choose Properties. That will give you the folder.

You can’t change the way the preview is displayed, but if you want folders displayed permanently in the message list, you can do that. You will need to disable conversations, as a conversation exists across more than one folder, so it can’t be shown. You disable conversations using Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

Next, the default compact layout can’t display more columns, so you need to change to a single line layout. You do that in Menu > Settings > Mail > Read > Message List. Right at the end of that section is an option to always use single-line layout.

Finally, if the folder column is not displayed, right-click on the column header row and choose Columns Configuration, then add the Folder to the right column.

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Thanks for the workaround.