Showing All Inboxes with left pane collapsed

Windows 10 - emC version 9.2.1735

When I collapse the left panel I see a set of icons down the left hand side. These include Flagged, Unread and Favorites. The icons do not show the Combined Inbox icon (the one that looks like an old style inbox). This means that if I click on the Unread icon to check my unread mail, there is no way of going back to the Combined Inbox except by expanding the left panel, clicking on Combined Inbox, and then shrinking it again.

Am I missing something here? Have I failed to find a setting? Or is this an oversight?

I find collapsing the left panel very useful but this missing feature makes it somewhat irritating. Hopefully this is user stupidity and I have missed a setting :smiley:

Go to Menu > Settings > General > General and choose Show Favorites if it is not already selected. Click on Save & Close.

If the All Inboxes folder is not showing under Favorites, right-click on one of them and choose Display > All Inboxes.

Now when you collapse the side-bar, the All Inboxes icon will be there.

Thank you!

It took me a couple of goes to fully understand your instructions, but that’s me not you (!), and I now have it working properly.

Many thanks, once again!