Showing 8 Messages in Inbox When There Are None

Showing 8 messages in Inbox when there are none.

Did you look in the other Inbox categories?

Displaying 0 unread now, when I selected ‘Mark All Messages as Read.’
I have ‘Primary’ and ‘Other.’
I selected ‘Other’ and there were 3 messages.

How can I turn off Inbox Categories?

I right clicked the message list header and turned off the category tabs.

All seems well, now.


With version 10.0.3117 - and todays update to 3125,

new messages on my Outlook accounts will not be shown in the Inbox, but the counter shows e.g. +1,

when I see under Favorites Unread I can see these messages. Then I select “mark as read” but won’t be shown up in Inbox. Also I did a repair 2 times which doesn’t help.

I also miss other e-mails received in the past days which I can see on my but not in eM Client.

Enclosed 3 screen shots from the Favorits/Unread … which shows “Inbox” but are not in Inbox of the account, and one from where you can see at least 2 emails not shown in eM client Inbox.


All Outlook accounts using AirSync and I can send e-mails.

Why isn’t category ALL the default to avoid sitting another 2 hours where is the problem?

When you install or upgrade to version 10, you are asked how you want to use categories.

Whatever you choose there is what you will see in eM Client.

If you later want to customise and show others, you can do that.

Yes, after the update I got the wizard, thought I will read it later, but then I didn’t feel very well and so I stopped and later in the evening I turned off the computer. I have Corona (the first time).

After a new start today I didn’t receive the wizard anymore - however.
That’s why I’ve missed the details.

It makes no sense to show All as default. You either want to use Inbox categories and in that case you want to see just the important emails by default (Primary), that’s the whole point behind that, or you don’t want to use categories at all. We’ve really done a lot of a/b testing with that with users. It is a matter of choice for everybody, that’s why we’ve introduced this well described option in the initial wizard or when upgrading from older versions.

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Now that I understand, it makes sense to have categories.