Show which account has new email without opening each multiple account?

Is there a feature that shows which account has new email without opening each drop down to find out?

Thunderbird did a great job of this it would make the account bold and then show it in the folder bold until read.

I am sorry but it is not possible at the moment - we plan to implement such a functionality in one of the next updates.

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I agree with this request. Thunderbird separated the accounts at the top of the left pane and then had the folders for the open account below. The design for showing multiple accounts in emclient makes no sense.

Hi, this is not planned as stated in few idea topics before.


I am surprised so few people have asked for this feature. I am a new user of emClient and I manage 5 email accounts. I find it really annoying that I have to open each account to try to find a new incoming email.

‘Smart Folders’ in eM Client displays all inboxes.


Smart Folders are virtual folders that contain Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts, Junk Email, Unread, or Flagged messages from all of your email accounts at once. They can be found in the Mail column of the Sidebar, above the folders for your individual accounts. This feature allows you to check all emails without having to go through each separate account individually.

Smart Folders don’t show the separate inboxes for each account.  It just shows the combined inbox right?

Charles, I also have multiple email accounts, and while I have gotten used to the combined inbox, I frequently want to work in one account.  I set up Search Folders in the Smart Folder section, to show emails to an account.  While this doesn’t show me which account has new message it helps.

Also one of the Smart Folders is “Unread”.   This is a helpful filter too.

Though Smart Folders allows me to see new message arrivals and locations (and I am getting used to it) I would still prefer some kind of new message indicator on each account (I have 6).

Using the Smart Folder I have to check which account contains the message, then go down the list and expand that account. Kind of clumsy.  It’s nice to just glance at the account list and expand the address that is bolded or highlighted.

5 years has gone by, it looks like your not going to implement it.
I have many email accounts and need this update.
The client is very good in many ways, but I could do with the this being implemented.
I think it’s time to move.

I use the “All Inboxes” folder in Smart Folders (I use 3 email accounts) and with Columns Configuration I added the “Account” column. By glancing down that column I can see into which inbox new mail has arrived. It works well for me.  

That’s a good idea too David.  What I ended up doing is creating categories & rules, so that my incoming emails are colored based on the account.  But if I read and email first on my phone I loose that capability.  I think I will try your suggestion.

Yes, this is an unfortunate limitation when the messages have already been read. 

This to me would be the greatest improvement I can think of as I’m annoyed by this on daily basis as well. I regret to see that people have been asking for this for years and inspite Daniel’s reply not implemented today. It would be so simple to do. Just mark the account that holds new emails in Bold and if you like the number of unread messages between brackets. (I have a legally paid for emClient using it with 5 email accounts)

Thanks, Hans

Aughhhhhhh. I really, REALLY wish this were a feature. I am a recent Thunderbird transplant and eM Client has pleasantly surprised me in virtually all ways… except this. (This, and the fact that all my subfolders are listed under “More,” which means they’re also an extra click away.)

I don’t like to aggregate messages from all my accounts in one pane, so the solutions above don’t really work for me. I would think this is a pretty quick fix, but I’m guessing it ain’t gonna happen since it’s been 8 years of this thread. :neutral_face:

The Unread folder shows new messages, regardless of what folder they are in. In 8.2 we introduced account avatars, which you will see to right of each new message in the Unread folder. This is a much easier solution for identifying the account than having the Account column, which can’t be displayed in Compact mode anyway.

Another thing you can do, is to sort the Unread folder by Account. That way you will see each account in a separate group within the Unread message list.

If your folder is hidden away in More, right-click on it and choose Show. It will then be returned to the original position. If at a later time you change your mind and decide you really don’t want to see it, right-click on it and choose Hide, and it will again be banished to More.

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the Unread folder just doesn’t work for me. I don’t want all of my unreads in a single folder, even if they’re sorted by mailbox. It just doesn’t work with my work flow. This is the first mail client I’ve used that doesn’t show the number of unreads with the account name–Thunderbird does this, Apples mail app does this… Clearly I’m not the only one who wants this feature, but apparently there aren’t enough of us to make this worth considering. Then again, if those other mail clients all do it, why isn’t eM Client?

Re: the More folder, I stumbled upon that solution after posting my comment, but am not excited about having to click “Show” on over a hundred different folders.