Show the real e-mail instead of alias in the inbox column FROM

Hi, I am a bit surprise that there is no way to show in the inbox from the Client instead of the Alias of the E-Mail sender, the real e-mail address behind it.
How can i show the real e-mail address behind a mail?


It is not an alias, but the name part of the address.

The message code has From: Name <[email protected]>

You will find the full email address in the message preview by hovering your mouse over the name. Or if you always want the full address to be displayed in the message preview, the option is in Menu > Settings > Mail > Read. Just tick the option to show email address in email header.

Thanks and this is not what i am looking for.
There is a powerful filter, where I can put many keywords concatenated to select email records from the inbox in the list. That’s cool.
I can create a chain for email domains and I get all Emails that contain this domain. Powerful. Greate thing!
But, to use this power, I have to collect first all addresses before and I have to SEE them.
In the inbox LIST of emails, in the column FROM I see ONLY the name.
Even the CSV Export function, where I can select the columns I want to export, allows me to export only the DISPLAYED information in the column FROM, but the name is not the sender. The sender is always the Email address. You can have millions of people called Thomas Müller as name, but they are all different persons with different E-Addresses.

If I click on an E-Mail to see the Address in the header, then this means I have to go one by one.
So my e-mail account is 10 years old and believe me, I won’t go through every email.
But it won’t work anyway, because the preview header does not allow to select with the mouse cursor the address. It is impossible. I have to click with the right mouse button and click on the context function copy address.

I just wanted to have a list of Emails filtered by addresses. Something so simple, but it is a nightmare to create a filter. It is really frustrating that you can filter for email addresses, but you do not display them in the COLUMN List. This does not work.

It is essential to me to have a tool that really helps to organize email information best.
Your tool and CSV Export are PERFEKT. This is really great, but please complete the service and allow to show the full address in the VON Columna, and all is GOOD.

Many thanks.
Therefore it is obvious, that I have to see the addresses first and the name is useless, because every email sender can change or put whatever they want there. The name is not a reliable value!.