show tasks in google calendar

Can I have my Google Tasks show in my em Client Calendar just like they do when I log on to my Google Calendar?  In the eM Tasks tab, I have them listed, but they do not show along with the Events on the appropriate day in the eM Calendar.

In the eM Calendar tab, I have my gmail account calendar listed, Holidays in the United Kingdom but I can’t see how to add “John Smith’s List” to show my tasks in the Calendar.

eM version
I am an old wrinkly so a step by step would be very much appreciated if this is possible.

Update which I hope helps: I have the aCalendar+ app on my phone and tablet and I can open my Google calendar on the Google web site. In all three cases, my Tasks are shown in the calendar, in whichever view I choose: Month, Week or Day. Of course, only when they have a Due Date set.

This suggests that I am doing something wrong in eM Client rather than having a problem with Google Calendar or Google Tasks.

do your tasks update when you mark a task as completed in your android phone?

This is an older thread but in testing eM Client with a Google account recently, I did observe that Google Tasks were synced properly with eM Client.

Sorry this is incorrect, I do not find them in my email client. Kind regards [email protected]

No, this is correct; Google Calendar Tasks do sync with eM Client. 

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and make sure you have added a Google Calendar, either as part of a GMail email account, or as a separate calendar. If it is part of a Gmail account, make sure that Calendar is selected in the services.

Then go to the Tasks section of eM Client and make sure that you have ticked the task folder.

If that still does not work, please look in Menu > Tools > Operations and see if you have any errors in the Log tab.