"Show reply"

Is there a way to “show reply?” I like how the purple arrow in the sidebar shows that I responded and there is also the info message on the email itself which tells me I replied, but I cannot find a way to “show reply.” I know I can go to the individual mailbox and click on sent messages and look for it…But I was hoping to reduce the time and steps for this process. Especially when I have several mailboxes and I long lists of replies. Any suggestions?

Hi, if you are talking about right side panel then you can open that email straight form it, or it is not functional for you?


I’m sorry Jan, I don’t understand your reply above. I’m (and I assume the OP is also) talking about this:

This also infuriates me. O**look doesn’t do this either. Obviously the mail client knows there is a reply to a particular message, and presumably it also knows which other message is the reply. Why isn’t the purple arrow icon (or the header text on the message itself) a hyperlink to the reply? As the OP says, this would make this feature many times more useful.

(O**look used to have a link that said “click here to find related messages” but it never worked properly and no longer exists. Surely this can’t be that hard!?)

I’m having the same issue - in mailbird, thunderbird, even gmail’s browser-based email, you can see your replies in the email thread.  I’ve actually replied to a single email multiple times because my initial reply was missing from the email thread.  

furthermore, when i reply from another client (ie, gmail on android), the ‘you replied to this message’ is missing from the initial email.  it’s been hard to keep track of what emails i have replied to.

expaning the contact list on the right panel does, indeed, show replies, but that involves remembering to expand and inspect.

i don’t imagine this would be very hard to implement, if it is not already - am i missing a setting somewhere to turn on some kind of threaded or conversation view?

fantastic client, otherwise - absolutely love it (and it doesn’t ‘phone home’ like mailbird).



Why is this thread marked “answered” when it patently isn’t? Someone has posted a suggestion about using a “right panel” that most of us don’t understand or have experience of, but that doesn’t seem to be a solution anyway. There has been no answer from eM Client staff. Disappointing.