"Show range" to 24 hours not working

I’m trying to view the whole 24 hours in the calendar view (the calendar sidebar as well) so as not to have to scroll up and down to see events later in the afternoon and evening, but it doesn’t work.

You may also need to zoom out of the view. You do that by holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard and scrolling the mouse wheel when it is positioned over the calendar view.

Thanks for your help!
I have the Show Range set to 24 hours, that’s what doesn’t work.
The Ctrl-scroll trick does work, thanks. However the result just looks a bit clunky, with the loss of the finer interval lines.
It works, but could use refinement. And the Show Range function still needs fixing, or perhaps the zoom function should be integrated with the show range function better (9.2.1628)


It is limited by your monitor’s vertical pixels. The higher the display resolution you have the better. And if your monitor is in portrait mode, you will have a lot more space to display all the pixels.

So it could look like this with the right hardware: (this is 3840 vertical pixels but I don’t know if the screenshot does it justice)