Show only folders with unread emails

Perhpas there is only another solution to show all unread emails but as i know they are show without relation to folder where they belong.
I sort my emails into folders and design rules for this to do automatically. This means i have already a lot of folders.
If i want to look for new emails i ahve to scoll thru all folders and most of them have no new email.
It would be nice to have a function that can hide all folders without unread emails.
Or in other words shows only the folders with unread emails.

I have the same setup, emails are moved to a lot of folders.
But: There should be an “unread”-Folder under “Favorites”, is it not? I have one and it displays all unread emails no matter in which folder.

But you can also achieve that by creating a search for all unread emails and then create a “searchfolder” out of that.

In deed i have not actived the “Favorites”, good idea.
My idea was not to see all new emails in one list without asignment to the related folder.
It would be interesting to see if new emails that are already sorted within certain folders have been received. So before opening the new email i already see where it is related to even without reading the emails topic.
As the emails have already been moved into a certain folder but are not read perhaps a function “show all unread emails” with a column where it is sorted would be sufficient.