Show new emails as unread

New to eM, so apologies if this is an obvious question. How do I have incoming messages clearly indicated that it is unread? Some type of highlight or indicator to show it is unread. I can’t readily find a setting control for this. Thank you.

Unread messages are allways in “Bold” text.

If I view my emails on my phone first, then the emails when viewed in eM are not bold. On my old Mac it didn’t matter if I had already read the emails on my phone, Mac Mail would still see them as unread. Not sure if the setting to control this is with my mail server or in eM.

Normally if you have an eg: IMAP or Exchange type mail account and view email on one device, then normally any other device within a few seconds will also have the status as read the same, as the email has already been read on the server and all devices then update the same status.

The Mac mail server might have had some option to allow all mail clients on every device to still have unread status even though one device was already read status. I’ve never seen that before.

Do you use Mac Mail iCloud server or some other ISP IMAP / Exchange Mail server ?

I’ve got no idea what server I’m using. Your reply email arrived, in bold, with an orange dot to its left, as I hadn’t viewed it on my iPhone before then. But I did notice that two emails before yours, not viewed on my iPhone, were not showing us unread. So I’m a little confused. I do appreciate you replying to my specific situation. Thank you.

Ok. I would do a test to see if you have an IMAP / Exchange, iCloud type account which most peeps would have these days.

Close eM Client and your Mail app on your mobile. Then go to your email via the web and change eg: 5 emails to “Unread” in your inbox.

Then open eM Client and click refresh at the top and see if those same 5 inbox emails change to Unread which they should within usually around 5 secs or so.

Then open your mobile mail app and read one of those 5 unread emails. Next click refresh in eM Client and you should then see that read email on your mobile (also change to read status in eM Client) within 5 secs or so which is how it should work.

If any of the other emails are changing to read automatically and you are not reading them on your mobile or computer via eM Client, then there is normally another email client configured reading your mailbox on one of your other devices, or someone else is viewing your email via webmail in which case change your mailbox password.

I tested as you instructed with two emails. This highlighted an issue I will come to shortly.

I opened email-via-web and selected the two emails and marked as unread. Opened eM and the two emails were shown as unread. Opened mail on the iPhone and emails shown as unread. So appears to be working.

However, this is when I noticed that all the previous emails at email-via-web inbox are gone. Previously, I would go in every few months and clear the read emails still sitting in the inbox. I found it useful to keep them if I needed to retrieve any. The two emails that are now shown as read used in the above exercise are still there, but all the previous emails are in the email-via-web trash folder. Is this a setting within the email-via-web site? Thanks

Check if you have any “Rules” setup in eM Client to move any emails from the inbox automatically to the trash folder.

If there is no rules setup in eM Client, contact your mailbox support for how to check for any rules setup at the server mailbox end.

No rules in eM, and no option at webmail-email for rules. Not quite sure what has changed, I will contact the webmail provider. Perhaps some update I’m not aware of. Thank you.

Can you confirm that the messages missing from the server are still visible in eM Client?

Yes, but thy are in the webmail trash folder. I will have to contact the webmail help tomorrow as they are closed.

If you are using IMAP and have deleted the messages in either eM Client, your phone, or the webmail interface, then they will be in the Trash in all three places.

That is how it is supposed to work.

Ok. I think may accounts used to be POP3, so as the actions are happening as you describe them, it must now be IMAP. Thank you.