Show Inboxes folder

Does anybody know what this option check box is for?



It is strange. I have checked the CheckBox but I can’t see “Inboxes”…

Are you using a custom theme?

If so, can you select one of the eM Client provided themes and see if there is any difference?

I use “Classic by eM Client”

Ah, I just realised by looking at your screenshot again, that you only have one account. If you add a second account, then it will appear.

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I got it. I created second EWS account and “Inboxes folder” appeared now.
I am uncertain of reason of it. Is it only for grouping all inboxes together for easy access? Does it have some other reason?

It shows just the Inboxes from all the accounts, individually. So yes for easy access, especially if you have lots of accounts, then rather than scrolling down the list to select an Inbox, you can just select it right there.