show images in mail signature

I am keen to buy EmClient but i just cant get my signature image to display. The Font and content of the signature display fine its just the images.
I have made sure that email format is HTML
I have copied the signature strip into Emclient folder on the C drive 
I have saved different versions ie RTF and DOC and DOCX to no avail.
The logo copies into the signature panel on set up but when I apply the images show as blank boxes with the broken image link logo.
Your help appreciated

Save the logo as a jpg or png file, then when you create the signature, insert the image from the menu options.

Good morning,
just tested it on me:
Settings-> Mail -> Signature and templates
I have there template and also created signature each with image (I had saved image in jpg. format on PC) and entered the name of the template or signature and apply.
Then new mail with signature or with template - with both the image is present.

Yes, it should always work like that. The OP says they are using RTF, DOC and DOCX. There are document format files, not image files, so will not work.

Dude… i have and interesting problem with this… 
When i press “reply” the signature is perfect, text and image like i wanted it to be.
But when i press “compose” the image doesn’t go through, just text…
I used 2 formats of the image “JPEG” and “PNG”
Im confused, what do?

This could be because of the format of the message, and you are composing new messages as plain text. In that instance the signature image will not be there. But when replying to an HTML message, the reply will also be in HTML so the image will be there.

Set the mail format as in the above setting and see if that helps.

That was exactly the case, thanks man, it works :wink:

Many thanks Gary you cracked it… much appreciated