Show / hide folders

I have tried to search for this question but couldn’t find it. I have been playing with showing and hiding folders. It doesn’t seem to affect sub folders, is there a way allow it to affect those folders?

Are you referring to “Local folders” or “IMAP Acct folders”.

You can show local folders & sub folders via “Menu / Settings / General / Show local folders” check box. Any sub folders you open under local folders will then automatically show when you reload. The local folders appear “at the bottom left” of eM Client.

You can also show any IMAP acct folders & sub folders, via “Right clicking on any folder” under your IMAP acct, and then click “Show” on the menu. Alt “Right click on your IMAP account”, and then click “Show / Hide” folders. You can then show or hide individual folders all in the one window.

It’s IMAP. To explain my situation I have something like this

Main Folder (Set to hide if unread)
__ Folder 1
__ Folder 2

I have set the main folder to show if unread, however if a message is sent to Folder 1 or Folder 2, the main folder doesn’t appear. Messages in the main folder do cause it to appear. I hope this helps describe what’s happening