Show global folders option?

Where is the setting “Show global folders”? When I try to set Show Global Inbox as startup folder, it tells me I can’t select it unless I have checked “Show global folders”.


Global folders? Have you meant Smart folder by any chance? If so then you can find it in Tools - Settings - General - General.

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No, when I go to Settings (General) and try to set “Show on Startup” to “Global Inbox” (from the pulldown list),then click Apply or OK, the exact message dialog I receive is: “Global inbox can’t be selected when Show Global folders is not checked.”

and have you tried to check"show smart folders" and then setting your desired “Show global inbox as startup folder” ?

I had the same issue. I had switched off smart folders. When it says Global inbox can’t be selected when Show Global folders is not checked. I was looking for the Global inbox setting. This should be changed to read “Turn on Smart Folders to enable global inbox”

Any updates on this issue? Trying to select All Inboxes and the default on open and get the message “Global inbox can’t be selected when Show Global Folders is not checked.” But, I can’t find an option to Show Global Folders.

You need to tick the option to Show Favorite folders.

We have reworded the popup message in version 10:


Thanks for the quick reply. Definitely good to clean up the message for version 10–I will be upgrading when it comes out.

Not sure I follow though this as a solution though. I don’t want to use Favorite folders. I just want the app to open with the Inboxes folder selected. It is an option to pick that folder but it does not work. Not sure what it has to do with favorites.



The All Inboxes folder is a Favourites folder.


If you have not enabled to show Favorites, you won’t be able to set that folder as the default to show on startup.

You can change it to another folder though. So the Inbox for one of your email accounts, your calendar etc. then you can disable Favorites.

Again, thanks for the swift respond. On my system, the folder I want to select is not a favorite folder–those are disabled:

The Inboxes at the top is the consolidated view of all my mail account inboxes. That’s the one I am selecting. Hope that makes sense.


The option for that is Inboxes (last on the list), not All Inboxes:

Appreciate the help and patience. Unfortunately, that’s what I tried first and it does not seem to work. When I pick that one, I don’t get a message about needing to enable favorites BUT that container/folder is not the selected item when the client starts. It picks the first item inside that container which kind of defeats the purpose.


That’s correct. The actual Inboxes folder is not something that can be displayed on start, so it shows the first folder within Inboxes.

Inboxes is not dependent on Favorites being enabled.

Hmmm. Any particular reason why? Why include it on the list? Seems a bit inconsistent for a user to select something specific (like with other folders on the same list) and then have the app almost override that selection.