Show Email Body In Light Theme While Using Dark App Theme

Some of my HTML emails don’t display very well in the dark theme. Is it possible to switch the email preview/reading pane to the default light theme without changing the theme for the entire application?

Just to clarify, I’m not looking for a theme that always displays the message content in a light theme but rather a toggle that will quickly switch to the un-themed version of the email like the way it’s done in Outlook.

yeah this is something we plan to implement. Thank you for your suggestion, we are aware that there are still some messages where readability is not perfect in dark theme.

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For me using the default 8.2.x dark Theme one email i get each month is the Google Play Receipts that 90% of it you cannot read. See example screenshot below.

So for these emails i have to change back to Classic or System Theme to read them. So yes a “Toggle” switch (in the body of the email) would be great for these :slight_smile:

Maybe also have the option to (Save) the Toggle Permanently for a specific email address like this example, by adding it to the “Rules” to “Set the Theme” for a specific email when it arrives.

You could set the Body Theme for the specific email address on the eg: (Last Screen) in the Rule setup.