Show Day Names in Calendar View?

The Calendar shows day names (Monday, Tuesday…) in Work Week and Month view, but not the other views. Is there a way to show day names in all calendar views? If not, consider this a feature request.

The day should be displayed in all views except for the Agenda view, but it is dependent on the horizontal space available.

So for example with the week view, mine looks like this:

But if I make the calendar narrower, because the UI is not full screen or I have increased the width of the sidebars, it might look like this:

And even narrower like this:


Currently my calendar shows the day of the month but does not list the day of the week (Monday, etc) at the top of the calendar. Is it possible to change this? I’ve been all through settings but haven’t found it.

I’m currently on build 9.2.2038 paid version