Show count in Trash folder?

Is there any way to show the count of messages in the Trash folder?
You delete messages and forget how many are in there. It would be nice as a reminder.

Sure. The title bar shows the unread/total count for whatever folder you are in.

So in this example I have 2 unread out of 15 total messages in my Local Folder’s Trash.

I have v6 if that matters and I don’t show any under Local Folders( which I don’t have open) when there are 6 in my trash and one in my wife’s trash.

I used Local Folder Trash for the example, but it could be any folder. In version 6, when you are in a folder, at the extreme bottom right of the eM Client window you will see the same unread and total count. This was moved to the title bar in version 7.

That’s a completely useless location and illogical. It might as well be on the back of my 24" monitor.
It needs to be next to the folder like it is for everything else.

I found if you un check “Mark messages read after displaying for xx seconds” under;
the separate sub-folders will show a count, if the messages are read or not including Trash.