Show contact names like they are in my Contacts

Hi! It’s a great mail client but I can’t set it to show the contact names like they are written in my Contacts. Some contacts appear with other names (get from the sending server I suppose) and some have no name at all and all I see is the email address.

For example imagine I have a contact saved as “Dad” with email [email protected] and a contact saved as “Mom” with email [email protected].

What I expect to see in the Mail list when I get an email from them is “Dad” and “Mom”.
What I actually see in eM Client Mail list is “John Doe” and “[email protected]”.

Nevertheless when I hover the sender I see the correct names from my Contacts (in the popup window). So it means eM Client gets the correct information - just doesn’t show it at the right place. Can you guys fix this - I really believe it should be an easy hotfix. Or may be just add an option where the user can choose what to see - the name in his Contacts or the name from the server. If there’s such an option and I’m missing it, please point me to the right place! 

Thank You in advance!

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Yes, eM Client displays the name from the message header, so whatever the sender specified, that is what you will get. 

When you hover over the sender, eM Client displays the Contact.

Yeah - that’s exactly what I’ve written :)) Any chance to give the user an option to choose between the info from the header and the info from the contacts (like in MacOS Mail client for example)?

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You would have to propose that as an idea, and see if there is any interest, rather than posting it as a problem, which it is not. :wink:

From my point of view as user seeing only email address instead of the name I have in my contacts is a huge problem, but I’ll create a new topic tagged as “idea” :slight_smile:

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The message header section in the eM Client message preview displays the information exactly as it is in the message header. It is intended behavior, so not a “problem”. 

Fortunately on mouse over, eM Client displays further information if that sender is in your contacts. The right side-bar Contact Details section will also display a bunch more information regarding that sender, like full details from your Contacts section, communication history, attachments etc. With these features in mind, it seems unnecessary to duplicate that information in the minimized header section.

It is strange to get email from Unknown name, is not it? I have the same problem with recognizing unknown names of incoming emails.
Can Gary answer: WHY names are not-same, but photo of contacts are same? Photo for contact with different name ia same :slight_smile: it is un-logical. Why photos are not as Sender placed for him?