Show calendar day

pls add the calendar days in the week view - would improve reading.

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We already do that, but the width of your calendar is too narrow to accommodate the text for days.

On a very narrow section, it looks like this:

Slightly wider, it looks like this:

And even wider, it looks like this:

You might want to minimize the right and/or left side-bars, or make them narrower or maximize eM Client if it is open in a smaller window.

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hello gary,

thx for the quick reponse AND for the easy solution. i use em client with fancy zone and i just extended the horizontal space > et voila :wink:

best regards

jueves 05 enero 2023 :: 1639hrs (UTC 0000)

There is a problem with the calendar that it shows the days of the week in English and not the selected language.

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They are taken from the system language. So if you have Windows set to English, they will be in English regardless of what language you are using in eM Client.