Show attachment paperclip in message list

I use a view that shows three columns. Left = Accounts and folders. Next = Grouped conversation messages. Large Right = Message.

Possible to show the paperclip icon beside the date of the message that includes an attachment? It will make that particular message easier to find.

Thank you for your consideration.

Have you tried modifying the columns configuration to include the attachment icon? For example:

Thank you for your assistance. I was able to find the Columns Configuration (thanks!), however, Attachment is already included in the attachment.

In the image below, you can see the conversation has four messages in it. The Attachment icon appears in the ‘master’ conversation link. However that email (3:17pm) does not have an attachment. One only two emails have have an attachment are the 2:30 and the Saturday 12/2 message. I think those two emails should have the paperclip icon.


Since I do not use “conversation mode” I am unable to respond, however, I am certain others in the forum that do use it should be able to help.