Show a contact takes upto 10 seconds

Hi Team,

I imported a contact from (VCARD format) to eM Client.

Opening that contact with about 100 mail adresses take up to 10 seconds, before editor is shown completly and ready for actions.
You can test it your own with the contact vcard file from:

Kind regards,

Have you tried closing eMC and restarting?
Have you tried rebooting your PC?
Have you tried completely suspending your VPN and Anti-Virus apps?
Are you running the current version of eMC (V8)?

This is not a question of failing, it’s about performance of the contact display/edit window.


I was not responding to a “failing question”.

I’ll leave which suggestions/questions you deem pertinent, to you and await suggestions from others in this forum.

It is not a valid vcf file.

What is exactly wrong? Is there an validator public, there we can validate the file?