Should there be multiple vcf files or a single contacts.Vcf?

Hi all,
The hard drive died on my old windows 7 machine and unfortunately, I can’t retrieve the
.vcf file from the old drive. I recall that I had exported the contact info a while back
to import into my cell phone and tablet. Thing is, when I exported the contacts from each device,
they did the export differently. The android phone created a .vcf for each contact, so I have
some 90 different .vcf files, one for each contact. The android tablet created a single
.vcf file with the name contacts. I’m assuming that’s the one I should use to import
back into my new PC? FYI, the new PCs running windows 10 home. If I recall correctly,
emclient on the old windows 7 PC had a single .vcf named contacts, just want to
confirm that’s correct? Thanks in advance for any advice!

eM Client can import either type.

Just go to Menu > File > Import > Contacts as vcf.

You can then choose the source folder where either the single or multiple vcf files are.