Shortcuts to switch to specific email folders

I wish there was a way to move between different email folders (“All Sent”, “All Inboxes”, …) with shortcuts, preferably with the ability to link each email folder to a customizable shortcut.



This might help you.

If you initally “dblclick on eg: All Inboxes” under Favourites with your mouse, then use the up and down arrow keys to navigate between the various Favourites folders, Tags, Email accounts and Local folders etc. You can press the “left and right” arrow keys to open and close all the menus in the folder tree.

Also if you have arrowed down to a specific account to view the eg: Inbox and want to switch to the emails in that account, “press the Tab key” and then use the up and down key to view the various emails. Then to switch back to the account again in the folder tree, “press Shift and Tab key”.

So you can navigate the entire left folder tree menu and email accounts etc using your keyboard.

Hello there. Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll make use of them.

However, this mode of operation is quite far from what I meant. I regard the ability to switch to important mail folders in multi-account usage (most importantly “All Inboxes” and “All Sent”) with a simple keystroke an important time saver.

The method you described involves using a sequence of mouse and keystrokes that are quite more time consuming than a simple “MOD-key” combination.

I am coming from several years of the basic Apple Mail client, where they nailed down mouse-less productivity time savers quite well: I suggest eM to take hints from that client in the “shortcuts” area.