Shortcut to multiple Inboxes

Just downloaded - mostly for iCloud integration (nice job btw).

I am struggling though with getting my three accounts and their subsequent inboxes in some sort of shortcut.

What I’d like to do is have the ability to have my three inboxes pinned so I can go to each without having to click into the account, then go to inbox.

Know it’s a bit OCD - but hopefully this makes sense…


Why you don’t like smart folders? There is “All Inboxes” folder exactly for this.


It’s just how I like having the layout. Is it possible? Plus, where can I add smart folders?

if you are not having smart folder in left bar then go to Tools - Settings - General - General and check “Show Smart folder”.

I am sorry but All inboxes folder simulates this very well and smart folders are visible on top of all accounts so there is no need for shortcut here.


I can see the smart folders - im asking how do I create an additional smart folder? I need some flexibility to customize the view and organization.

also - when will be be getting quick type for “move to folder”…

I am sorry I did not understood your question well, right click on smart folders and choose what you want to see.

shortcut for move to folder is Ctrl + Shift + V it will be editable in next major version

you can find almost all shortcuts in Help - Contents in Shortcuts section.


The problem is needing to “create” smart folders.

I want to have three inboxes I can click into for my three IMAP’s. That’s the ask.

Please let me know how I do that. All Inbox will not work for me.

You can create new “search folder” to which you can give what folders it should show.

in search field there is small magnifying glass and next to it is small gray arrow, click on it and select create search folder, name it and it will show under smart folders then right click on new folder select properties and set it as you need or want.

other solution is not possible and not planned.


This is too bad.  Im testing the application… without this I cannot use it. I have way too many email accounts I have to manage to not have this feature.  I really like other aspects of the application.  This is just a no go item for me. 

Hello Greg,

What you are talking about is the Favourite folders feature. It is already on our list so it will only take some time to present it in one of the upcoming updates. Yet, I would recommend a workaround with the Smart folder where you can adjust the search for the inboxes, leave other fields empty and then have all of your Inbox folders available at the top of the folders column. 


Thank you, I am coming from Postbox and that function works well along with being able to group (and name) my inboxes.  However, the search folder idea does help. It does not have the unread mail count but it is a help.