Shortcut key to close window

I’d like to be able to set a shortcut key to close the current email window.

I spend most of my work day in a web browser, opening and closing tabs. For all the browsers I use, Ctrl-W will close the current tab.

When I am in eM Client, I often open up emails, read them, and then want to close the email window. So my muscle memory naturally tries Ctrl-W to close the email window, but it does not work. Then I remember, “Oh, yeah, I have to use Alt-F4, the windows shortcut key for closing a window.” And on my system, I have to press Fn+Alt+F4 because of how Dell Keyboards work… It’s kind of an awkward keyboard shortcut, but it’s doable. The main thing is that my muscle memory wants that to be ctrl-W, like closing a browser tab. So having to remember ALT-F4 takes me out of my workflow.

It sounds like a small thing, I know, but it bugs me multiple times a day.

So I’d like to request that there be a new shortcut key option for “close current window” which people can map to a shortcut key.

I see that there was a similar request for this back in 2018. So there are definitely more people who would appreciate this feature.

Calvin Powers

eM Client uses the standard Windows shortcut for closing windows, but you may be able to change your Windows shortcuts, and that will work across all applications. Just be aware that when you set the OS to close windows with Ctrl + W, when you next go to close a tab in your browser using Ctrl + W, it will close the whole browser window, and not just the tab.

I understand that, which is why I opened the feature request.

Closing windows is a function of the Windows OS, not eM Client. You will need to change it in your Windows settings.