Shortcut for mail redirect


Is there a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to the “Forward as original …” command (Actions → Forward → Forward as original …)? I would need this to send emails unchanged to services like Evernote, Todoist, etc. using a macro.

Thank you for your answers.

In the upcoming version 10 you can do this with Quick Actions.

You create one to Forward as original and assign a shortcut to it:


You can even add a preset address, and include the Send action:


If you want to test the version 10 beta, please see: eM Client 10 BETA | eM Client

WOW! That looks great!
Using the preset address and the “send” action, I dont need any macros at all.

Thats cool. Thanks.

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Just be careful as the message will send as soon as you hit the keyboard shortcut as there is no confirmation.

Maybe use the Send Later option rather than just Send.


That will give you a safety net, in case you used the shortcut by mistake.

It is OK that it sends without confirmation … at least for my usecase. I already did test it on my test client (with version 10 installed) and it works perfectly well - from the mail list view with selected email.
Unfortunately Quick Actions seems not implemented in the email detail view.
Are you aware if it is planned to also work in mail detail?