Shortcut for Empty Junk Folder

I’ve come back to eM Client after a few years.  I’ve been happy with the new features that have been added since I’ve been gone.

Could you add a shortcut for “Empty Junk Folder?”  I’d love to be able to just hit one key instead of right-clicking and selecting it.


Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this in future updates of the application, however you might find the option to setup automatic deletion of your junk folder after items are saved in the folder for more than x days, which should be available on your mail server settings in case you’re using an IMAP account.

Hope this helps,

Thanks - in the meantime, I set up an AutoHotkey script to do it.  This might be helpful for other people as well:

I can’t seemt o find the setting to adjust how often Junk Mail is automatically deleted. Could you elaborate on specifically where this function is located?

Also I second the suggestion of an ‘Empty Junk Mail’ menu item under the ‘Empty Trash’ one. Also an ‘Empty on exit’ function similar to trash would be awesome too.

Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to setup automatic deletion of your junk mail folder from eM Client, however this is usually an available option on your mail server settings. eM Client can only automatically empty the trash folder on exit, you can enable this option in Tools > Settings > General.