Shortcut combination to switch to/from Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts?


Is there a shortcut available to switch from or to each of the major categories (Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts) in em client please? If not, is there a way to create custom shortcuts?

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I agree, this would be very useful!


these shortcuts will be introduced together with possibility to edit them in 6th version.

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Was this every implemented? I don’t see how to do it. What are the shortcuts?


Mail = Ctrl +1
Calendar = Ctrl + 2
Tasks = Ctrl + 3

You will find all shortcuts listed in Menu > Settings > General > Shortcuts.

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Perfect – thanks!

(In looking for the shortcuts, I clicked on help, which took me to the online help menu, which lead me to this shortcuts page, which does not list the above-mentioned shortcuts.)

Apologies for that. I am not sure why the Documentation does not include these, but I will get someone to look into it.

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