short of rules to manage aliases

I have some aliases which belong to my email account. If the mail is downloading, the rules have to manage the incoming messages in the way they are put in the right subdirectory from my inbox. That possibility in the rules is missing!!! Most other email-clients does have that. Did not I see something or am I right?

Hi, I’m not completely sure if I understand your issue, you should be able to setup a rule which states that if email is received to:[email protected] (or similar), move email to folder and chose the desired folder.
I’m using these rules on my email as well so it should be there.

Let me know if you were able to configure this,

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your reaction.
I will try to explain my problem;
I have one Email account (JBer) with four aliases (Jaap, JB, Margo and Tim) . So if I do nothing, the mail send to the differential aliases will all put in the INBOX . I do not want that. I want to get them in the right subdirectory’s . So, I make some subdirectory’s under INBOX for instance with the name ”Jaap” “JB” “Margo” and “Tim”. Then I have to composite a rule in which the alias name is appointing were the message is put down. But, and that is the problem, I cannot give in an alias name. The only possibility is an unchangeable “my name”. That has to be also an input field as it is for instance in Outlook Express. And then the alias name in the input field decides in which subdirectory the mail message will put down.
Rule wizard in eM Client
Here it is “my name is in the To- or CC field

In Outlook Express it is “If the rule To- or CC contains a typical person”
And then there comes up a field in which you have to write down the name of a typical person.

So I hope I have explained my problem clearly.
Hear from you,
Jaap Berghuijs

Hi, as I mentioned previously there’s no issue of setting up this sort of rule. See my attached image where I’ve set up a rule for an alias account.

I hope this helps,

OK, that solves the problem.
Because of the Dutch translation the intension of this rule was not clear.
Perhaps it is a better text “sent to people in the To or Cc field”
Overall, thanks for the quick support, it was helpful.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider making this change in future releases. In the meantime I’m glad we’ve solved the issue, if you have any other questions or issues with the application, let us know.

Thank you,