Shift+Tab unusual behaviour - more details

Some more details about the problem reported in… (prior to the release of eM Client 3.0):

  1. In eM Client 3.0, when the cursor is in the message text area, I expected Shift+Tab to take me back to the Subject text control. It doesn’t.
  2. Instead the insertion point disappears. It is not clear which control has the focus.
  3. Pressing Tab to return to the message text area inserts four spaces at the beginning of the message. No other key has any effect, including Ctrl+Z to undo the insertion.
  4. There appears to be no way of escaping from this using the keyboard - the user must click the message text area with the mouse to make the insertion point reappear.

Clearly this is a relatively minor problem, but this non-standard behaviour detracts from the overall professionalism of the eM Client UI.

It’s already implemented and will be inculded in version 3.1.
Thank you for detailed descibing.


Milos Kovalcik.