SHIFT + LeftClick to select text is not working on message title

It is not possible to select (mark selection from previous clicked position) text on message title using SHIFT + LeftClick, but when holding SHIFT + LeftClick you move mouse, text is selected - this is workaround.

Version: 7.2.34711
System: Windows 10 1803 (January updates)

PS. This means in message title as in view received e-mail and also edit new message.

Could anyone confirm or not, it is a bug?

Hello Sylwester,

I checked the behaviour in all editing windows and selecting text with “SHIFT + Left click” works. However, you can’t have multiple marked sequences if it’s what you meant in the post.


In editing windows (mail body) it works. It is not working in message title field (in edit new/reply message and on top above message/messages list). Can You confirm, it is working for You in TITLE field?

Hello Sylwester,

No, in these fields it doesn’t work. However, these fields are not meant for rich editing.


Thanks for response.
I do not agree with “rich editing” - it is simple select/mark operation, available in every simple Win32 text field (probably since Windows 95).

I’m also almost sure, that few months ago it worked correctly, because i’m used to select with SHIFT, and spotted this behaviour only last month or two.