Shell Command Line for generating email from external application

Shell Command Line for generating email from external application

I would like to see in the next version complete shell parameters for generating an email from an external application, including subject, object, TO, CC, BCC and attachments.

In this way I could update all clients in our organizations. I think this is a must have function for every email client and I could not immagine why you didn’t add this option.

Hello Giulio, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving the support for shell commands, however note that you can create new mail using sMAPI from external applications as a wider standard.

Hope this helps.

sMapi is exclusively for MS Windows. Outlooks calendar is implemented as a MAPI provider, so it needs to call the original MAPI32.DLL and this is a problem for other clients, Novells Groupwise application must be the default client or it doesn’t works. There are a lot of problems with sMapi. I don’t think we would ever use Mapi. Best over all, simply include in the installation also a script that users can call by command line and it converts to a MAPI call. On the web are a some of this scritps but they are payware, and other ones doesn’t really work well.