Sharing sent e-mails

I have eM Client on several computers but I can see sent e-mail on the computer I sent it from only. Is it possible to share all sent e-mail on all computers where I have eM Client? Thanks for advice

Hello Lenka, if you’re using IMAP for account synchronization on all your devices your sent mail should be synchronized with the “Sent” folder setup in your account settings under Tools > Accounts > your account > IMAP > Default folders.

Do you have auto-detect of special folders enabled? Also please make sure that you have the option “Save a copy of sent messages into the “Sent” folder” enabled in Tools > Settings > Mail > Send.

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

Thank you,

Hello Paul, thank you very much for your answer. Unfortutelly, I can’t see the option IMAP under Tools > Accounts > your account. My version of eM Client is: 6.0.22344.0.

Thank you for your answer.

Best Regards
Lenka Kolarova

Hello Lenka, if you’re not using the IMAP protocol, what protocol or account type are you using with eM Client, please note that eM Client needs to be setup with a protocol that allows folder synchronisation in order to synchronise your sent folder - if for example you’re using a POP3 protocol, eM Client will not be able to sync the folder as POP3 is only used for receiving new unread mail.