Sharing Categories

I have an installation of eM Client at home and one at work (which, I hasten to add, is so I can get at my personal mail).

I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to set up a number of categories on my machine at home.

Is there any way I can duplicate the settings without having to manually enter them all again?

Nothing? Anyone?

Me too I’ve this problem. A part exporting catergories from one device to another, I would like to share those settings on single emails among devices. So I can set one email as “to complete” and to see the same email in another device as “to complete”… but I think that is not an issue of the client.

Thunderbird has the feature and is great help.
If I’ve EM installed in 2 computers with the same email account, if I set a category in 1 PC, I must see the change in the other one.

This is a must for me, and the reason I unistalled EM after the trial.

12 months in and no official reply. I suspect we’d be better off asking Santa or the tooth fairy.

As written in this post:
close eM Client and copy C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\categories.dat from one computer to another.