Sharing 1 contact list among office group.

We are considering eM Client PRO for business, is it possible to share 1 contact list among a group & have all other elements of email be individual. Meaning if any of us adds a contact all will be able to use, yet all emails coming in & going out would remain individual for each user in the group.

a ‘shared contact list’ sounds as something which needs to be done on an e-mail server, not in an e-mail client.

Hi, right click on your account address under contact and select “delegation” or “access control” under properties.

If you can’t see these operations/tabs then you will have to set it up on the server as setting from external client is not supported.


To correct your statement, “set it up on the server” is incomplete.

In reality, my experimentation with EMClient shows that ACL handling is buggy or incomplete.

If I am “user1”, and I set my permission to allow “otheruser” to read or write or “all”, it should set the ACLs on the server. I shouldn’t have to enlist the sysadmin to do it. These are spelled out in the RFCs for Cal/CardDAV.

I haven’t been able to make it work…

When I log in as “otheruser”, I can’t see “user1”.

When I go back to “user1”, the ACLs still show up… but, sometimes, they don’t.

Given the situation with the “holy wars” between MS/Google/Apple, I think it would be both highly valuable, and advisable, for EMClient to fully implement ACL handling.

If “whatever” server doesn’t support it; that’s the server’s problem. But, if a server does handle ACLs properly, it should work just fine (e.g. DAViCal).