Shared mailbox syncing everything despite settings


I’m trying eM Client out for potential business use. It’s being used with O365 mailboxes.

I have set the primary mailbox to download the last week, and not cache the emails. That seems to be fine.

But I added a shared mailbox and that seems to have sync’d the whole contents. It hasn’t cached the emails as the local storage is only 577MB and the mailbox is over 7GB, so it’s only pulling headers and metadata. But it’s ignoring the 7 day setting.

I can’t see that it has it’s own set of values, they all seems to reside with the parent account.

Am I missing a setting? Is this a bug? Or is this expected behaviour?



Thank you for reporting this.

We are investigating but it does appear to be a bug as the limited time sync option should apply to the public/delegated folders as well.

Okay. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you investigate.