Shared mailbox Calendar


I’m trying to see if I can use this program full-time (and thus buy it). I am using a trail right now, and have started to use it.

I love the speed for the e-mails etc. I’m only missing one (big) thing for me, which is I need to see the calendar from a shared mailbox, but this is not visible when I select it in the calendar overview. No appointments are visible.
Also one of the things that I need is the categories that are in that shared mailbox and the colour assigned to this. Will this work? this is due to this shared mailbox is used for all appointments made and thus am required to follow this.

So required for me to be able to use this is:

  • read & write access to shared calendar (already shared with me)
  • Categories (including colours) that are synced with the shared mailbox.

Thanks for letting me know


I am wondering if anyone will be able to help me with the above questions. I love the use of eM client, and would like to use it, but for me right now this is not workable.

Thanks in advance!