Shared Exchange Mailboxes

I’m evaluating eM Client for my company and it looks good.

We use Exchange 2013 and we have a number of shared mailboxes. When you grant a user access to the shared mailbox, it appears in Outlook automatically. However when I set up eM Client, the shared mailboxes do not appear and I can’t see a mechanism to add them.

Is exchange shared mailbox support not a current feature or am I missing something?


Hi Paul, unfortunately shared folders are currently not supported, Exchange accounts only support delegation at the moment.

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EMC IMAP is hosed.

Hi all,
2 years after the initial post, I ask the same.
I have an exchange office 365 account with shared mailboxs but I cannot get them into em client (7). I checked into the “shared folder” inside my mail account window but it loads few seconds and nothing :frowning:


I am evaluating; I have Office 365 shared mailboxes and those mailboxes have delegated access to me (and others).  I.e. “I have full mailbox permissions” on the shared folder

I am able to add them to emClient by going to Tools|Accounts and selecting my Office 365 account.   

Go to Exchange Web Services Tab.  Under Delegation click on “show” next to accounts you can access.

On the pop up, Click Add, another pop up, enter the username of the mailbox (just like in Outlook) and hit search, it will find the mailbox, you click Add, it goes on the list. 

Repeat as needed and then hit OK.


PS, they show up in the tree, under your Office 365 account.

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And here we are 5 years later and I still see no clear way to do this. Shared mailboxes on Office365 act as independent boxes, so only providing delegation access limits a lot of the features. 

There are quite a few new features for Exchange/Office365 in the upcoming version 8 release. Maybe this will be one of them.:wink:

Just in case anybody lands here in this thread asking how to use it - this feature is available via the “delegated” configuration section in the account setup for your exchange account.

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