Shared Calendar ics "CLASS" for Status option

Can You make a Input Field in EMC Calender UI for CLASS > ala Nextcloud

de “Wenn geteilt, zeige den vollständigen Termin an”,
en “When shared show full event”,

de “Wenn geteilt, zeige nur den Status ‘beschäftigt’ an”,
en “When shared show only busy”,

de “Wenn geteilt, zeige diesen Termin nicht an”,
en “When shared hide this event”,

RFC5545 Classification

Property Name:  CLASS

Purpose:  This property defines the access classification for a
  calendar component.

Value Type:  TEXT

Property Parameters:  IANA and non-standard property parameters can
  be specified on this property.

Conformance:  The property can be specified once in a "VEVENT",
  "VTODO", or "VJOURNAL" calendar components.
Description:  An access classification is only one component of the
	  general security system within a calendar application.  It
	  provides a method of capturing the scope of the access the
	  calendar owner intends for information within an individual
	  calendar entry.  The access classification of an individual
	  iCalendar component is useful when measured along with the other
	  security components of a calendar system (e.g., calendar user
	  authentication, authorization, access rights, access role, etc.).
	  Hence, the semantics of the individual access classifications
	  cannot be completely defined by this memo alone.  Additionally,
	  due to the "blind" nature of most exchange processes using this
	  memo, these access classifications cannot serve as an enforcement
	  statement for a system receiving an iCalendar object.  Rather,
	  they provide a method for capturing the intention of the calendar
	  owner for the access to the calendar component.  If not specified
	  in a component that allows this property, the default value is
	  PUBLIC.  Applications MUST treat x-name and iana-token values they
	  don't recognize the same way as they would the PRIVATE value.

   Format Definition:  This property is defined by the following

	   class      = "CLASS" classparam ":" classvalue CRLF

	   classparam = *(";" other-param)

	   classvalue = "PUBLIC" / "PRIVATE" / "CONFIDENTIAL" / iana-token
				  / x-name
	   ;Default is PUBLIC

   Example:  The following is an example of this property:


eM Client already has the private and public option, but I think it is a great idea to have the other field available as well.

Just be aware that ics shared calendars are read-only, so it would be a display field for those calendars.


You are :thinking: about this ?