Shared Calendar from Office 365

I need to be able to view my co-workers office 365 calendars. I’m trying to make the move to em client from outlook but not being able to see a shared calendar is not going to make this happen. 

When I try to set up a meeting and add the people to the meeting, I can see their availability so I can tell that the client is working. 

Hello Travis,

eM Client supports shared calendars for Exchange protocol. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts > Office365 account > Exchange Web Services and under Delegation, you can see the addresses that granted you access and give access to other users. Then after you do this, in eM Client > Calendar, you should see the requested calendar.


Thank you, looks like this is working. Would be nice to organize the calendars into folders/groups. So rooms vs team members vs others. 


i tried the above. it seems to work.

problem: however, when i create a new calendar event in Em, the creation is not reflected on iphone 6 plus’ s calendar app & outlook app (running iOS 11.2.1). it is reflected in office 365 web client & desktop client though. its strange.

additional info for your troubleshooting: 
if i go to toggle the calendar permission in office 365 via the outlook web client, i.e change from editor to anyother permission and back to editor again, the new event appear on the iphone, but only for that. subsequent addition seem to bug again as above.

this does not affect events created using outloko, web client, etc, and its edit, delete modifications.